Shaun has an extensive background in business growth and technology. At a young age, he ran a multi-million-dollar site in manufacturing and engineering as a Finance Director and Site lead prior to turning his attention swiftly to start-ups, gaming and tech. Major successes include building a stable community and network in blockchain, running a successful SaaS platform and teaching/training via value video content successfully to thousands of students online.

“There is no more marketing a product. Rather, marketing and product creation are fast becoming the same thing. We need to bring data and market feedback into an ever-evolving customer feedback loop in all we do for business. We need to give value that people actually want, rather than pushing value that we ‘think’ they need.”

~ Shaun ~



With an extensive background in Consulting, Jonathan has worked with Shaun on many former projects and is the eyes and ears of our community. Jonathan works in the background to ensure both the macro and micro is considered and catered for. This means a top level customer experience and a tight knit community.  

“Without action, nothing happens and your wishes are just a dream – and action without a plan is a nightmare. It is therefore critical to execute strategically and with clear direction, whilst matching the individual’s requirements. This requires focus, dedication and the right plan.”

~ Jonathan ~



Chris initially cut his teeth in the music industry, one of the TOUGHEST industries to grow in. The difference is, he actually made it. From there, Chris moved into the Gaming and Esports niche, applying hard-earned experience in a new industry which paid off. Chris continues to work with winners who want to win more. He is sought after in both the music and gaming space as he continues to deliver REAL RESULTS and not vanity metrics.

“I learned Social Media and Marketing because I had to. There was no other way and this was before Facebook was born. Remember MySpace? Social Media is not only the most important mechanism for growing businesses today, but in 2019, if you are audience don’t engage and care about you…you don’t exist.”

~ Chris ~

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